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HEY! Guess what - I've just found out you can even get my books to read on a KINDLE machine How cool is that?

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to them! We love Egmont books in our house.

Calling all MUMS and DADS and aunties and grannies and TEACHERS!

This is our headteacher Mrs Twelvetrees. She says if you have read the books there are some QUIZZES and PUZZLES you can do!

You can also learn some amazing

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to our friend
She won this award for translating FLOATING HEAD into Russian.

How cool is THAT??? WAHOO!
If you can't read Russian, this is what it would look like in English!

By the way...

... a special big HELLO to any Russian readers who are visiting this site!

Love Agatha xxx

WAHOO! My first book won the top prize at the Sheffield Book Awards - awesome!
Thanks to EVERYBODY who voted for me!
Look! Here’s what some (VERY NICE) people are saying about my first two books.

‘Full of mischief and wit’ – Daily Telegraph

‘The kind of slangy, irreverent book . . . that children find so funny’ – Spectator Magazine

‘Fabby fab fab!' - Sarah McIntyre - see her brilliant BLOG here!

This famous lady liked
Agatha Parrot and the Mushroom Boy

'The Agatha Parrot series is, by far, my daughter's favourite. Agatha is clever, funny, caring and, when required, just a little bit naughty. A six year old girls best (imaginary) friend' - Jarrod,

‘Gloriously silly, totally impossible and wonderfully believable all at once’ – The Bookbag

‘Great fun! Must go find and read the first one’ – Kidsreadbooks

‘My 8-year-old son read this book and thought it was hilarious!’ – Alice Murray,

‘More laugh-out-loud antics’ – Scholastic Book Club

‘Fans of Mr Gum will love this new side-splitting series . . . Crazy capers, school shenanigans and the bonkers Miss Barking – Agatha Parrot has it all, along with quirky illustrations from David Tazzyman’ – TBK Magazine

Hey look - my books were on the telly!
THANK YOU to Sean and Diana for making me FAMOUS......ha ha wicked!
A big HELLO to everybody who came to get their books signed in Waterstones, York!!