Here are some of Mr Tazzyman's BRILLIANT pictures!

We had a school fete! Miss Barking was knitting cardigans from some stuff she'd grown on her allotment. You could have your toenails painted by Motley the caretaker, and Miss Wizzit was selling some books from the library which had got wet and were still a bit squidgey.

This is Mum and little sister Tilly being chased by Mrs Twelvetrees selling raffle tickets. Poor old Mum didn't have any choice!

How did my mean horrible big brother James end up like this? You'll have to read the book to find out!

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How cool is that?

If you want one, just ask an old person to click on one of these pictures and they can order it from Amazon. (Don't forget to ask nicely and say PLEASE!)
Here's a copy of "Mushroom Boy" that turned up on ITV's Daybreak.
It was signed and donated by the famous actress Joan Collins!