WAHOO! My first book won the top prize at the Sheffield Book Awards - awesome!
Thanks to EVERYBODY who voted for me!

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Look at these cool pictures done by Class 2 in Meersbrook Bank Primary in Sheffield!

Can you tell which book covers they each come from?

Darllen Hapus! *

How cool is this?

I've been so lucky because my books have been turned into lots of other languages, but now I've been turned into WELSH!

I don't know how my name got changed into Mali Awyr, in fact I don't even know how to say it ha ha! But if YOU can read Welsh then click on the cover to get your copy.

* That's Welsh for "happy reading".

HEY! Guess what - I've just found out you can even get my books to read on a KINDLE machine How cool is that?
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My books are published by JELLY PIE so let's have a big cheer for them WAHOO clap clap clap without stopping!
We love Jelly Pie books in our house.
WOO-HOO! I'm going to AMERICA!
This is my new friend Arrow in Arizona with the first ever American copy of "Odd Street Ghost" and look ... they've given me a make-over with super big chunky boots. (But I've still got one sock falling down ha ha!)
Guess who did the new pictures?
He's called Wes Hargis and he's Arrow's dad! How cool is that?
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For World Book Day, Faith turned her straight blonde hair into red curls to dress up as me!

Daisy's little sister Grace is a ballerina - just like my sister Tilly ha ha!

You can see more people dressed as me and my friends HERE. If you have a funny photo of you reading my books or dressing up then pleeeeeeease send it! We LOVE them.

Agatha xxx

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