We had a battle of at Odd Street School!

A magician came to do a show and he tried to hatch a scary Zombie Bird out of a silver egg.


But thanks to Bianca's trombone, a secret trapdoor, and Martha being invisible...the Zombie Bird turned out to be the funniest thing ever ha ha!

(If you're scared of magic like our friend Ellie, don't worry. This book won't turn you into a frog. Or a rabbit!)

Hope you like it, and thanks for reading this BLURB.

Here are some of Mr Tazzyman's BRILLIANT pictures!

This is Bianca doing what Bianca does best! This is me and Motley the caretaker when we found a secret trap door under the hall floor! And this is Gwendoline Tutt looking very pleased with herself when she went up on stage to help Misto the magician. She had a big shock coming... HA HA!
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