Kjartan Poskitt's Video Events

If a LIVE EVENT isn't practical, you might like your own video event.
"Absolutely hilarious, the kids have loved your Murderous Maths video!"
James Rourke, Headteacher, Lord Deramore's Primary School

Suitable for primary schools yrs 3-6
and secondary schools yrs 7-8

Instead of me coming into your school, I record two video events just for YOU.

Watch this to find out how these videos work, or read the breakdown below.

VIDEO ONE: 18 minutes This video is similar to a short live event. I spend a couple of minutes saying hello to your school, and any individuals you might like named such as prize winners or special achievers. Next I show a few tricks and demonstrate games you can try. These are not available on any public site. I then give details of the videos I made during 2020 lockdown which can be accessed afterwards, along with a page of non-video activities.

Over the next few days kids can try the games and tricks and/or make things. If they have any questions they want to ask me, or there are any "makes" (flexagons or other items) you'd like me to see, you can send me an email, photos or video.

VIDEO TWO: 10 minutes This is a follow-up video I record a few days later. I reply to any questions and comment on or judge any "makes". Even if there's nothing you need me to feedback on, I reveal a few extra "secrets" to the games they've been playing!

The videos are put onto YouTube on a private link so only your school can access them. This means they can be played to different groups of any size at different times at your convenience. Although the material is all general interest, of course you can fast-forward/rewind/skip to get exactly what you need from them.

Although a video can never replace a loud live show in front of 100's of people, it is easier, cheaper and available to you anywhere in the world!

"The video has been a real hit with our students and was an excellent launch for your Murderous Maths books."
Sharron Kelly, Mortimer School, South Shields
"Kjartan's video was a real highlight for our school and students. The video included a number of great activities that were open ended, easily accessible to students and highly engaging. A number of activities have also been integrated into further learning activities in school maths classes. A lot of effort was put into the video and the expression on students' faces when Kjartan mentioned their names was priceless. Highly recommended."
Timothy Symons, St Oliver Plunkett Primary School, Melbourne, Australia


If you'd like to make an enquiry about videos, please use one of these:


twitter @kjartanposkitt

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AUTHORS LIVE: clips from a Murderous Maths event filmed at BBC Scotland and streamed to schools across the UK.
Watch the full 40 minute show here.
Two Murderous Maths shows each to 1,000 kids and teachers
in the Helix, Dublin Oct 2018.
BBC Breakfast tv 6/6/2008 Providing puzzles for an adult numeracy discussion
on BBC Breakfast
Alnwick Castle Pavillion April 2011
Being upstaged by the fabulous water falls
at Alnwick Castle, April 2011
The Poisoned Chocolate Game!
Playing the Poisoned Chocolate Game in Norwich, June 2013