Kjartan Poskitt's Author Appearances & Maths Shows

Audience assembling at the Discovery Centre, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

"Thanks for this morning Kjartan. 50 people of all ages went home feeling good and well entertained even though they'd been engaging with 2 hours of mathematics."
Mike Cooper, Humberside Maths Association

Providing questions for adult numeracy discussion on BBC Breakfast TV

"I want to say a massive thank you as it was brilliant this morning, the students (and staff) really enjoyed it and it was really good to raise the profile of maths!"
Cath Jespers, Boston Spa School

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Norwich School Book Festival July 2013
Letter from Caitlin of Greenock.

... we were expecting an old man who would go on about times tables and boring maths...

...after five minutes there was water in my eyes from laughing so much...

E-mail to "Pongo McWhiffy" of the Murderous Maths books

Hello Pongo,
I think you are cool and I love the pearson who wrote the books that you where in because he came to Brough primary school today and he made me cry with laughter.

Love Annabelle xxxx

BOOKING ENQUIRIES: Festivals - Conferences - Teacher Days

This page follows on from my author appearances page.

From SEPTEMBER 2020 if a live event isn't possible, you can arrange a VIDEO EVENT.

Thank you for showing an interest in what I do!

Please look through the options below, then when you know what you'd like, please use this address for enquiries:

Check my dates


For festivals I'll usually do a single maths and/or author session. However if two different maths sessions are required, these can be themed as: Murderous Maths Numbers and Murderous Maths Magic.


I usually do a maths talk (often as the keynote speaker) which can be anything from 20-90 mins. I can also do one or more separate Maths Make sessions for up to about 30 people. Each person will need scissors, a pencil, a glue stick and a copy of this sheet. Time permitting, we can make flexagons, a puzzle and a magic square. I also have other sheets to make my dice puzzle and predictor cards trick.

Before I agree to an engagement, I need a rough idea of how you hope to timetable the day, in particular what time you need me to arrive. Please bear these things in mind:

  1. Unless I'm doing a multi-day trip and staying overnight, I will be travelling from York on the day.
  2. If you're a long way from York and only want a single session or show, afternoon or early evening is the best time to minimise costs.
  3. If I'm doing more than one session I do not need overlong breaks between sessions.
  4. I'm always delighted to sign my books. If you are organising sales, please ask me for supplier details.

FEES... depend on where you are and what you want. Please use the link in the next paragraph to contact me, telling me where you are and giving me an idea of what you'd like me to do. If you are in a position to help promote my books (e.g. you're having a science or literature festival) then it may be possible to help with expenses.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read all this, and if you'd like to make an enquiry please use this address:

Boring but necessary...

REQUIREMENTS These are all detailed on my author appearances page but generally I need:

  • Flip chart with paper
  • Projector and screen for powerpoint
  • Microphone for large venues.

DBS checks. Please read this: DBS and visiting authors

Full details of my sessions and everything else are at my author appearances page

Alnwick Castle Pavillion with the fountains!  April 2011
Alnwick Castle Pavillion with the fountains! April 2011